Writer | Folklorist | Educator | Mother

Artist Statement

I write stories that give language to the expressions that are often too difficult to put into words. I am a writer who prescribes healing through my stories, awakening sensory experiences of life and death within the human consciousness.

It is my aim to showcase the broad scope of emotions that live beneath the surface of Black cultural expressions, and the impact of these identities within the overall scope of Black life in America. With Black women figures as the central characters of my stories, I explore the power of history to shape the way we show up in the world; shared and isolated experiences of trauma, and how they invite new possibilities for mending and retribution. 

There is a beauty that lives in the everyday experience of the human condition and the power to transcend the mundane through magical aspects of living. Folklore of the past and present drive my thematic focus, blending together a background in spirituality, scholarship, and ethnography. Divine feminine archetypes serve as guides in the form of origin stories, and my deeper interest in matriarchal power structures and Black feminism is often expressed. 

I explore these themes in a range of works that traverse the dimensions of genre and linear concepts of time. I have produced both fictional and non-fictional writing and hope to blur the line between the real and imagined by creating work that lives in the realm of fabulism—merging magical realism and speculative fiction. 

In my desire to awaken ancestral memory through maternal instincts, I write as an extension of my womb’s ability to birth to new worlds. I acknowledge that the same power used in birthing babies can be used to give birth to literature. My writing process includes a gestation period where I immerse myself into the plot of my stories, living out my characters’ lives in ways that allow me to birth their expressions as if they were my own. Through research and invoking the spirit of the work, I invite nuance in what must be said to take shape in a call and response fashion. 

I have explored literature surrounding the dynamics of Black motherhood, offering commentary on the flawed system of the family structure when isolated from the warmth of community. A memoir called Eyes Around My Heart, depicts the heart as the landscape of my identity and the complicated process of seeing my father not only as a parent but as a man. Books like Corregidora by Gayl Jones, The Salt Eaters by Toni Cade Bambara, and Beloved by Toni Morrison remind me that memory can exist outside of the personal ones we create and can be inherited through the compassion we share as humans. 

I received a MFA in Creative Writing at Mills College in Oakland, and have had my writing featured in an anthology. I host quarterly writers workshops and hope to engage other Black creatives and thinkers in a community space where we can share feedback on each other’s works.

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